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Our services

We provide a variety of services for your pool

Problem Solving

Sometimes you may find an issue with your water, whether it be phosphates, metals or it's turning green!

Managing your pool should not become stressful. Poolside Mandurah Team Members are able to assist with solving common problems with your water and/or equipment and can advise on preventing these problems returning.

Mobile Repairs

Our Technicians can bring their workbench to you!

Whether your equipment needs repairing or replacing, our Technicians can deliver convenient, high quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Regular Service

Don't have the time to maintain your pool and/or spa? We can do it for you!

Choose from our Standard, Deluxe or Superior options on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 6 weekly basis.

Contact our friendly Team to find out more.

Holiday Service

Planning that well earned holiday and want to make sure your pool is looked after and doesn't turn green?

We can maintain your pool so you can be stress free and return home to a pool that is ready to use.

Commercial / Real Estate

Poolside Mandurah has Qualified Technicians that are very experienced and provide a professional service.

We regularly service local commercial properties and thoroughly understand the Australian Standard requirements for maintaining pools and spas for Customers optimal health.

Real Estate Agents often require our services for a variety of reasons. Owners selling may need repairs completed, Buyers may require the pool to be inspected prior to purchase. We can complete an inspection report, and provide you with a formal report listing any potential issues that we are happy to work through with you.

Property Managers may request we teach new Tenants on how to care for the pool/spa or regular servicing. 



Insurance Work

We work with Insurance companies, providing reports if required, to assist with your insurance claim.

Liner Repairs

Repairing or replacing liners can be a complicated job, however at Poolside Mandurah, we can simplify the process by inspecting and providing you a quote.

Leak Repairs

Are your water levels dropping faster than normal? Your pool could have a leak. Locating and repairing pool leaks can be expensive. At Poolside Mandurah, we have experienced Technicians and specialised equipment to identify the source of the leak and minimise the cost of repairs.

Water Testing

To ensure your water levels are consistently at a safe level, it is crucial to have your pool water tested regularly. This will guarantee your pool will be ready to use all year round.

New Owner Induction

For new Pool and/or Spa Owners and/or new Tenants, we offer Inductions which can be a great idea to ensure your pool stays maintained.

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